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Dan Fesler, CEO
Lampert Yards Inc.
St. Paul, MN
“Seljax is a great program! It’s an excellent counter tool to assist you with bidding and estimating. It speeds up your time, makes you more productive, and helps you to sell more. It tends to be extremely accurate which helps to improve the final side of the bidding process. We are very pleased to have it, and we look forward to expanding and growing with the product as we continue to do more in the housing market and in the pole barn building market.”

Wesley Staruiala, Owner
Flin Flon Castle Building Centre
Flin Flon, MB
“Seljax has been the greatest asset in my business for making money. It makes things so much easier. I love it.” 

Craig Smith, General Manager of Operations
Nelson Lumber Co. Ltd.
Lloydminster, AB
“We’ve been with Seljax for approximately three years now, and we have seen a lot of changes with our internal programs and with theirs as well. We’ve come a long ways and they have helped us reduce our estimating times and our accuracy of estimating as well. We thank them very much for their continued support. We work together very well and they come to the table whenever we need them. Their support is excellent, and we plan to grow together.”

Jeff Reinhardt, Owner
Interstate Agri and Building Supply
Cannon Falls, MN
 “It’s saved our salesmen a lot of time. Seljax is very good to work with, their staff is very professional, and I just would not be without it. I think it’s a great tool and I think you should all take a good look at trying it.”

Scott Tucker, Manager
Pioneer Home Hardware Building Centre
High Prairie, AB
“I’m really pleased with the Seljax product. I’ve used other integrated Point of Sale software solutions and I think Seljax is by far superior. All around, a very thorough and well-developed product.”

Fred Peters, Owner
Morris Build All Centre
Morris, MB
“Seljax has been just great for us. I use it every single working day.”

Clinton Plett
Countryside Lumber
Fisher Branch, MB
“It takes the guesswork out of our estimating and we really like working with it. They’re a very good support team as well.”

Gord Kotow, Owner
Valleyview Lumber Ltd.
Valleyview, AB
"Switching to Seljax from manual estimating has helped immensely. Before Seljax it would take me days to do estimates because I did it all by hand. These days I can get the contractors in and out because Seljax does it all for me, and saves me the time. I would say I've seen a 20% increase in sales; with Seljax I'm selling just about every estimate I get...probably close to 75%. I decided to go with Seljax because I hated to turn down the opportunity to do building estimates, and Seljax gave me a slick way to continue doing this. We're very happy with Seljax."

Grady DeVrieze, Owner

Fairway Lumber Company Ltd.
St. Jacobs, ON
“Once we started estimating and designing with Seljax 3D Decks, price became less of an important issue, because customers are so impressed with the program. The flexibility of design and building codes allows you to make changes quickly. Seljax 3D Design is far superior to anything we have seen from the competitors.”

Brian Bowers, Building Supply Manager
Pleasant Building Supplies
Yarmouth, NS
“The speed and accuracy of Seljax Estimating is phenomenal! Most importantly, our turn over time to create estimates has increased. Now, our estimates take only a half hour. Our contractors truly appreciate that we can get estimates to them quickly. Seljax Estimating also increases our margin by giving us the ability to manipulate pricing in many different ways. What else can I say? We just love it!”

Murray Hanson, Owner
Peace River Home Hardware
Peace River, AB
"Seljax Estimating simplifies and organizes the entire estimating process. Everything gets completed faster and our estimates are always consistent. I highly recommend Seljax Estimating."


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