Seljax training is designed for you to gain the full potential of our user-friendly program. Seljax Training is based on the programs you purchase.

Our knowledgeable Training Professionals work closely with you and your employees in a small-classroom setting for the best learning environment. You will be trained using your store’s specific products and data, using concrete examples and illustrations that make sense to you.

Call 1-800-651-7955 to book your Seljax Training.


This training is the most beneficial training and is highly recommended, as one can ask questions in person and receive hands on training.

Phone Training

This training is a one on one training that is specific to your stores’ needs. The participant(s) will be able to ask specific questions directly from their perspective. Phone training does not replace classroom training. Please call to schedule a time.

On-Site Training

This training is to provide you with specific training that is focused on your store. Seljax Instructors train your staff directly in your store. Laptops can be provided as an option. Please call to schedule a time.

2019 - 2020 Classroom Training Registration

New 3D Deck Version

2019 - 2020
3D Deck
Estimator 3D House Advanced
3D House
3D Deck
3D Decks
3D Stud Frame
3D Post Frame
3D House Advanced
3D House
Location 1 Day 2 Days 2 Days 1 Day
Spruce Grove, AB Nov 25 Nov 25, 26 Nov 27, 28 Nov 29
Guelph, ON Jan 27 Jan 27, 28 Jan 29, 30 Jan 31
Winnipeg, MB Feb 10 Feb 10, 11 Feb 12, 13 Feb 14
Moncton, NB Mar 30 Mar 30, 31 April 1, 2 Apr 3
Saskatoon, SK April 6 April 6, 7 April 8, 9 April 10
Trois Rivières, QC Apr 20 Apr 20, 21 Apr 22, 23 Apr 24

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