Anyone can use Seljax. Our goal has always been to make Seljax as easy to use as possible. See it to believe it!


Seljax has made estimating flexible so you can customize formulas to calculate to your standards. For example, Seljax allows you to enter waste factors for individual products, adjust the number of extra studs you calculate per corner or opening, and many more preferences. Estimate your way!


Seljax increases your number of estimates, which results in increased sales and profits. View costs, margins and selling prices in seconds!


Seljax completes House estimates within 1 hour or less and all other estimates within 20 minutes.

Effective Marketing Tool:

Seljax 3D Design products give you a marketing tool like no other. Give your customer a full detailed estimate presentation or a 1 page bottom line price.

Seljax technology is proven, our leadership position has been established and our customers are happy and there is no end in sight.


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