The Vision

Seljax is committed to being the technology leader in the building materials industry by providing innovative estimating and 3D design software solutions. We create a dynamic and exciting culture for our customers and employees. Seljax focuses on providing proactive customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The Company

Seljax makes the world’s most advanced estimating and 3D design software for home improvement and building projects. Serving over 1,500 companies and 6,000 estimators throughout North America, Seljax started with humble beginnings from Braven Blackwell’s basement. Since 1994, Seljax has created a culture that has positioned Seljax as the expert and leader in technology for the industry. Headquartered in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, Seljax employs 15 people who give their best to establish Seljax as a world class software company.

After working as an Estimator and managing Lumber Yards, I realized that there had to be a better way to do estimates. Creating Seljax has been a most rewarding effort over the past 30 years, meeting all the people in the industry, and making many friends along the way. It is a pleasure to serve you all and I look forward to another 30 years of the same. Thank you to our customers for your long time support and continued commitment to our company. 

– Braven Blackwell