The Seljax Mission

Seljax Int’l Inc. is committed to being the technology leader in the building materials industry by providing innovative estimating and 3D design software solutions to increase our customers’ profitability. Seljax builds success through a distinct customer-based focus. We create a dynamic, exciting and profitable culture for customers, employees and all other stakeholders. Our mission is more than just our goal; it is who we are.

Our Values

The five Xs of Seljax Values govern the way we conduct our business. These values direct us in how we achieve our mission. We want our stakeholders to have confidence in our company and to completely understand the way Seljax operates. Seljax Values are as follows:

1) Seljax delivers extraordinary customer service and satisfaction.
2) Seljax takes pride in the excellence of each product and technology realized.
3) Seljax hires experienced employees who understand the needs of our customers.
4) Seljax employees are valued and empowered, so that they share in the high expectations of our company.
5) Seljax ensures that the execution of initiatives is done with our stakeholders’ best interests in mind.

The Company

Seljax makes the world’s most advanced estimating and 3D design software for home improvement and building projects. Headquartered in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada, Seljax currently enjoys over 2,500 customers and has helped over 6,000 estimators make the switch from manual to computer estimating. Since 1994, Seljax has created a culture within the Retail Building Materials Industry that has positioned Seljax as the expert and leader in technology for the industry. The Seljax reputation is second to none in quality of software and service to the industry. It is this high standard of quality and service that Seljax prides itself in, continually working to ensure that this standard encompasses each and every customer relationship. It’s how we do business here at Seljax.

Letter from the President

Seljax Int’l Inc. is one of the largest estimating and 3D design software companies in the building materials industry. The technology revolution has changed the way our world thinks and acts. Seljax understands that this change has also affected the way estimators, contractors and retail building material dealers do business. We embrace this change and strive to help make these new technologies benefit you, our customer. Much of our job as software suppliers is to ensure our customers know how to use the tools available to them and to make the most of their capabilities. Seljax provides dedicated Customer Service Specialists that look after all your support needs. Our name is built on the philosophy of providing top quality products, backed by high quality service. We know you will find the Seljax solution is the ultimate solution to your estimating, design, sales, business and e-commerce needs. Thank you to our customers for your long time support and continued commitment to our company.


Braven Blackwell