Upgrades & Service Plan

Seljax believes the benefits of your investment in Seljax Estimating & 3D Design do not end with your initial purchase. Your Seljax Service Plan includes all major upgrades and internet updates to give you the latest advancements in our software. Seljax is constantly updating and improving its products to ensure it meets and exceeds the needs of our customers and the constantly changing industry. Your Seljax Service Plan includes the following:

• All major upgrades
• Internet updates
• Unlimited toll free service calls
• Technical support
• Initial phone training
• Self-paced tutorials
• On-line help
• User manual

Seljax Technical Support

Seljax not only provides quality software but also offers professional technical support to connect your POS system and your existing hardware. Seljax Technical Support manages the installation and setup for you so that you can effortlessly use Seljax.

Seljax Customized Installations

Our goal is to have you operating Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software as quickly as possible. When you purchase Seljax, we set you up whether or not you have a Point of Sale system.

Stand Alone Installations

If you do not use a POS system, we increase your setup time by entering over 2,000 products for you. All you have to do is enter your costs and selling prices.

POS Installations

If you do have a POS system, we’ll do the integration work for you; you’ll save valuable time. POS installations start with Seljax retrieving your inventory from your POS. With this file, we can match your inventory to components in Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software. When you receive Seljax, everything is already entered for you. You’ll have the ability to adjust and tweak options to suit your estimating style.