Take your post frame estimate one step further. Design it in 3D! Seljax 3D Post Frame Estimating and Design software gives you the added marketing power of being able to quickly design a 3D rendering of your customers’ buildings, modify them to their specifications, and give them a complete and accurate estimate for exactly what you’ve designed.

Estimate Types

The flexibility of 3D Post Frame gives you everything you need for an accurate estimate of every type of post frame building:

– Shops
– Barns
– Open Fronts
– Riding Arenas
– Cattle Shelters
– Hay Shelters

The Power of Seljax 3D Design

With 3D Post Frame Estimating and Design, show your customer exactly what they envision. Create the building they want to specification, bringing it from conception to reality in a matter of minutes. Allow your customer to participate throughout the entire process of designing their building. They can watch you make modifications to the image as requested right in front of their eyes:

– Translate your design image instantly into an estimate
– Resize quickly and effortlessly
– Change post spacing
– Move doors and windows
– Alter wall and roofing materials as well as colour
– Modify roof pitch
– Add and remove bracing
– Adjust truss and purlin spacing
– Print specifications and images in 3D

The Power of Seljax Estimating

Seljax Estimating is a built-in component of 3D Post Frame Estimating and Design. 3D Post Frame is a complete package that gives you the power to design and modify post frame buildings, and then calculate the estimate from the 3D rendering. The speed and accuracy is always apparent, allowing you to create an exceptional 3D estimate.