Seljax Package Sales software makes it easy for you to sell total packages, whether you are a junior sales person or one with years of estimating experience! Start with a base package for a shed, then sell options, such as vinyl siding, metal sheathing, asphalt shingles or metal roofing. Create your total package sales estimate quickly and efficiently. Hundreds of preconfigured packages are easily accessed and adjusted to include your pricing and products.

Package Sales Types

The adaptability of Package Sales gives you everything you need for an accurate estimate for every type of stud frame building:
• Sheds
• Decks
• Garages
• Fences

Other Packages Available

Yard Projects
• Play Houses
• Play Centers
• Sand Boxes
• Picnic Tables
• Dog Houses
• Docks

Garden Projects
• Gazebos
• Planter Boxes
• Benches
• Trellises
• Arbors
• Compost Bins

• Farm Projects
• Post Frame
• Stud Frame
• Open Front
• Hay Shelters
• Cattle Shelters
• Horse Shelters

Consistently deliver quality, service and value to your customers using Seljax Package Sales. Imagine all of your projects priced and ready for immediate sale. Customers explain what they want; you pull up the project and make any required changes. Your customers have estimates instantly!

Package Sales is a software application allowing you access to hundreds of pre-configured packages, which utilize your existing inventory information. You can use Package Sales to walk your customer through the desired package and make modifications as requested by the customer with the options feature. When completed, you can provide the customer with an estimate, list of building materials required, or complete the sale. Package Sales is the simple way for your customer to purchase a complete package.

Seljax Package Sales comes with more than 400 projects ready to go, including sheds, garages, decks, and fences. If the project configurations do not match your customers’ specifications, you can modify them as desired.